Anonymous asks: i am back after a joyride in my rolls royce. no i am joking, if i had a clever grandpa he would have put the money to use.. but no, he was mad. mad as jack the ripper. i'm sad. very sad. but your rosey cheeks and angelic eyes oh~! it is so very strange. i was so used to being locked away, and the first boy i see online that i really like is you! this is all too exciting for me (thinking about how it would be to be near you in person) i must go lie down.

you sound like gustav aschen bach in the novella death in venice

Anonymous asks: 16cm?


Anonymous asks: Hello, beautiful <3 I like you a lot and I want to talk to you personally, but I'm Russian and I'm afraid :c Can I write you on Facebook and is it ok?

hello! and of course! I am Oliver fairhurst! you can add me :)

I also love Russians so!
Anonymous asks: Someone called you ugly at night? I didn't see it.

yes.. but it is whatever.. it is just rude and uncalled for.. i have never tried to offend anyone on this blog enough for that to be justified so it just reflects their bad character, not mine

talk talk!!!