Anonymous asks: Are you balding?

huh? LOL

Anonymous asks: You have a boyfriend?

yes! he is called Taylor :) do you want pictures of him

Anonymous asks: i very much want to watch your thighs melt into your boyfriend's as you ride him like you have no cares in the world but your combined pleasures. you'd look so beautiful with his fingers in your mouth.

this is really sweet (and hot!) i showed it my boyfriend and he said he loved it and that it is like you know us ~ it’s true! it is exactly what i want to happen! more ~

i fancy my boyfriend so much

Anonymous asks: I think you are over reliant on people from the internet, as much as I want me and others will never be able to give you the affection that you need, I hope you are able to find a wonderful partner IRL closeby

you are telling me things i already knowww :/