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Constantin Flondor (Romanian, b. 1936)August-Field-Sun1966

day 1,166 - Aug 24th, 2014 12:48pmfrom 9am to about 6-7pm i have no one to talk to and it is really upsetting. i used to have a lot of people, and time would go by so quickly, and it would be so fun to be online. i am worried because the only person i actually do talk to is starting school, meaning again i will have nothing to do. luckily school for myself is starting. it just upsets me that no one cares enough to talk to me anymore. i feel so fragile and faded. like i have been put into a drawer and only do i see sunlight when i am taken out to play with, and that is only at nighttime. i feel like i am growing old without the people that should notice. i don’t feel attractive anymore, and wanted even less. i used to be complimented, and now i am not even spoken to. i am such a mess.


Vietnam Diptych, 1969.Painting by Jeff Keen.
Found here.

i bought my first comme des garçons main line piece *-*