scattered passions & words

it is me
Anonymous asks: Knowing you are ok has made my day! i'm so glad your dad and cat are both doing better :) enjoy your sweater, it really looks great

!! thank you sooo much sweet pea !! i hope you are okay too and feeling lovely

Anonymous asks: I <3 your new sweater (and your ass is hot, too)! I'm sorry your Da is poorly and your cat isn't well :( I hope you are as all right as you can be, given the circumstances Big hug

thank u!!! i love it toooo ~ when i saw it and it was from my favourite brand i knew i had to get it quick ~ and it is fine! he is much better already, as is my kitty.

my sisters room is so ugly but look at my cute sweater and my ass

i have lost my voice from screaming/crying so much today